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You're reviewing: 1960 to 1970 Classic Engine Oil - Rektol SC 5L

1960 to 1970 Classic Engine Oil - Rektol SC 5L

Highly Protective and Performant Classic Engine Oil for Cars made in 1960 to 1970. International Specification: SC/CC Historical Designations: API MS-Service (M2C-101-A/B; 6041-M); API DM-Service (MIL-L-2104-B; -46152-A/B); HD-Oil This classic engine oil is especially formulated to take care of your classic car engine made from 1960 to 1970. High quality mineral-based multigrade oils for medium loads. Suitable for petrol and diesel engines developed for multigrade oils. Also suits heavy duty diesel engines under medium pressures. Adjusted to modern fuel qualities and increased wear protection. Delivery: within 10 days     High Quality Classic Engine Oil: SAE 10W30, SAE 20W40, SAE 20W50 - Improved cold start behaviour- Rapidly build up of oil pressure- German TÜV confirmed increased wear protection for the start and warm-up phase- Stable lubricating film - Reliable cleaning efficiency SAE 20W50: above-average high temperature performanceincreased SAE 50 viscosity ofat least 20 cSt at 100 °C (see table below). SAE 20W40 & SAE 20W50: lower oil consumption Furthermore Rektol SC is also suitable for engines of the older construction machines as well as for circular lubrication and hydrostatic drives. The original oil formulation according to specification API SC/C was an inherent part of our product range in our in-house production from 1960s until the 1970s. Classic Car Engine Oil Specifications: Rektol SC Classic Engine Oil is available in various SAE levels: SAE 10W30, SAE 20W40, SAE 20W50.     SAE 10W30 SAE 20W40 SAE 20W50 Density at 15°C (g/ml) DIN 51757 0.87 0.88 0.89 Flash point (°C) DIN ISO 2592 >210 >230 >230 Pour point (°C) DIN ISO 3016 -27 -20 -18 Viscosity at 40°C (mm²/sec) DIN 51562 65 145 183 Viscosity at 100°C (mm²/sec) DIN 51562 10.5 15 20     Rektol Oils are manufactured in Germany since 1892. They are designed to meet the highest levels of performance. Check out the video here:          


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